Daily Tarot Reading – 4/1/2020

Good morning all! Happy April! We made it to a new day and a new month; rejoice! For those of you who have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, I am now posting the daily readings on this blog. Please be sure to follow along so that you can receive these readings to your inbox, every morning!

Today’s card is from the “Earth Magic” Oracle Cards app.

Imagine yourself between a rock and a hard place; you have nowhere to go. You cannot move. Do you freak out? Possibly. But will it help your situation any? Most likely not. Surrendering to what is, is the best choice you have right now. Whatever is “happening” in the world right now is not in your control or power to change. Yes you can affect certain change

What is currently in your power? Your actions, intentions, and re-actions. Your thoughts, your emotions…There are less distractions right now; we are all laser focused on Covid-19, which leaves so much more room for…thoughts, emotions, actions, re-actions…in other words, there is a hyper-awareness into your every move, or even the move of others in your life. My suggestion to you is to observe yourself.

Observe your thoughts, emotions, actions, and re-actions with no judgement (easier said than done, so let’s say with less judgement). The point is try, at least for today, to not engage. Try, at least for today, to know your place in this Universe. As infinite and powerful as you are, you are also limited in what you can do. This moment is a reminder to you and to us all about our powerlessness over certain things. Not a helplessness, but a moment of humility for us all; a reminder of the Divine that is operating in the unseen.

We are all waves in the ocean, but we do not control the ebb and flow. Allow yourself, at least for today, to fully accept this. Isn’t it a relief to know you are not in charge of everything? That you are not in charge of what happens to others? That you do not determine the course of all humanity? Relax in the knowing that all you have power over is yourself.

Have a beautiful day all, and don’t forget to follow this blog so you won’t miss the daily reading!

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