Daily Tarot Reading – 4/3/2020

From the “Magical Mermaids and Dolphins” deck

Good morning everyone! We made it to another day, thank God (Source, Universe, etc…).

There’s great value in Rest. Resting renews us; recharges us. Rest gives us the peace and clarity we need. We’re all so used to going, going, rushing, and pushing forward that we don’t value rest enough. We don’t value the slower paces or pauses in life. But the fact is, the body needs rest. The mind and spirit need rest. Covid-19 has brought us a re-ordering of things, and many of us now have the opportunity to rest more.

Why is resting important now?

I feel that this rest period is preparing us for greatness. We are conserving our energy for the upward shift in our lives, with health, abundance, and blessings. For many of you, this is the start of a new journey with respect to your dreams; specifically speaking to you entrepreneurs. Many business seeds will be planted and will flourish. But letting your dreams rest for a bit gives you the clarity of purpose and path. It also gives the Universe the opportunity to answer your prayers in the best way, without you getting in the way.

And yes, your prayers are being answered.

Another blessing this period has brought us is the opportunity to explore our options. We are blessed with choices and free will. Maybe Covid-19 cleared the way for you; cleared a job you hated or one which under-valued you. Cleared a toxic relationship. Cleared your schedule to spend more time with loved ones or even just with yourself. Now you have the space to consider what is really important in your life, moving forward. Because yes, we will be moving on from this phase. But first we must rest.

Many of us don’t know how to rest. We forgot how to just be. How to just be at peace with knowing that you have the gift of life; of breath. Being at ease just knowing that the Sun and Moon still rise. So ease into rest if you forgot how to do it. It starts by doing the opposite of what you think you should be doing.

When you have extra time on your hands and feel like you “should” be doing something; building or creating something. When you feel you need movement, that’s when it’s time to rest. Yes sleep is wonderful and essential but you don’t need to be asleep all day to get the healing you need. You can take the time to do more of what you love.

Remember, you didn’t have time before to read those books you bought. Now you do.

Remember, you didn’t have time before to draw like you used to, or write poetry. Now you do.

Or remember those movies on your list you’ve been wanting to catch up on. Go for it.

Use this time wisely. Let every moment be lovely for you. You deserve this and so much more.

Love you all; have a beautiful day!

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