Daily Tarot Reading – 4/4/2020

From the “Wisdom of the Oracle” app

Good morning everyone! Today is 4-4, 2020; what I consider to be a ‘444’ day. In Angel Numbers ‘444’ is the Angels’ way of letting you know they are with you. This is their way of assuring you that you are safe, aligned, and all is well. 444 is my favorite number combination and I immediately recognize the message when I see it.

The number ‘4’ represents foundations and home. In numerology the year 2020 is a ‘4’ year, and so it makes sense that this new year and new decade would bring us a shift in our foundation. 2020 is creating a new foundation for humanity, and I am all in!

The ‘1’ on today’s card is for new beginnings, so what new adventure do you want to begin? Whatever you begin today is setting your foundation for this year and years to come. This means that there is a cosmic gateway open for you, so you want to take full advantage of this moment. Speaking of which, we have a Full Moon blessing us on the 7th, so now is the perfect time to make big shifts!

The energy is forward moving today, so you’ll want to first set (write) intentions for what you want to manifest. Start with your list of dreams for this year and let’s say the next 4 years. Now, I recommend focusing on those dreams that you will take action on. So while yes, dream about becoming a millionaire, I wouldn’t recommend listing it if you aren’t actually going to do anything about it. You must be intentional with manifesting your dreams and desires; intention is the fuel to get you going. Intentions shift your vibrations.

The next step is, for each thing you want to manifest between now and 2024, write down one, simple action step you can take today to get started on this path. Let’s say you want to manifest a successful business; imagine what that looks like when your goal is accomplished. You don’t have to have all the details, but you want a great overview; something you can clearly visualize. Then work backwards. Think of what seed it took for you to plant, to get to that level.

Please do not get hung up on the details. Your job is to take guided, intentional steps, but don’t worry about “how” it’s all gonna work out. Your Spirit Team works on the “how”. They will send you the people, resources, ideas, support, and circumstances to get you to where you want to go; you pay attention to the messages they send you so you stay in alignment.

I urge you all to take advantage of this energy today.

P.S as I finished up this post, I happened to look down at the word count…444. Confirmation.

Thank you Angels! I swear I did not plan this =)


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