Daily Tarot Reading – 4/5/2020

Good morning family! How are you feeling? Yesterday was such a lovely day; did you feel the shift?

My family and I did some spring cleaning, and were thankfully able to move some items into a storage unit; we needed more quarantine space. What was supposed to be a quick errand ended up turning into a sweet, spring day. The day went from cloudy to bright and sunny, and warm! I saw much more people out enjoying the sun (with masks and/or gloves, thankfully). We have all welcomed a new beginning, which brings me to today’s reading.

From “The Good Tarot” app

The Angels have ushered in a new adventure for us all. There’s still time to set your intentions for the Full Moon. You can learn how to set intentions in yesterday’s reading. I mentioned a couple of readings back how we were in a ‘winter’ phase of growth, and now we have entered into an energetic spring. Our prayers and dreams are blossoming beautifully.

This is a time of new opportunities, experiences, ideas…messages! There will be plenty of messages for you, especially from your Angels. They will be sending you signs and dreams; Divine thoughts…nothing is a coincidence. In Numerology ‘0’ represents the number of the Universe; you have the whole Universe supporting you.

Walk in Faith knowing that anything is possible for you. Know that all of your needs are met and future needs will be taken care of. Rejoice because you are on the way towards greatness. Towards greater Blessings and Abundance. But you’re like a newborn right now so you may feel hesitant and uncertain, even afraid of what’s to come.

You don’t have all of the details; you don’t know where this path is leading. You’re learning new things and adapting to a “new normal”. You can walk on this path slowly, trying to figure out the next step, or you can run through without a care. Either way works, as long as you keep moving. Know that each next step will be revealed. Regardless of how you walk on this path, do it confidently because you really are being led to everything you are worthy of, and more.

Have a blessed day beautiful beings!

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