Daily Tarot Reading – 4/8/2020

From the “Mandala Meditations” cards app

Good morning family! Great healing is ours today. We welcomed a Libra Full Moon yesterday which has brought with it the energy of balance. This has taught us to allow a balance between inner reflections and outer awareness; making time for both and giving both aspects an opportunity.

Inner reflection is learning more about yourself; observing your thoughts, emotions, and motives, and considering where they come from. How and when they were formed in your life. You are constantly being guided to self-awareness; this is how you come to know yourself.

Looking at what is outside of yourself; the people around you, your relationships, and your relation to the physical world, is also another aspect of life. Being aware of how you interact with the world around you, and in turn how the world shapes your experience. Being aware of the outer helps you understand what it is you are attracting into your life; it shows you what information you are consciously and subconsciously emitting outside of yourself.

In both instances, you are in control. You have the Key. You have the Power. You are the bringer of change in your life, in both your inner and outer worlds.

Let there be balance between your inner community (self, Divine forces, Universal energies, etc…) and your outer community (family, friends, relationships, etc…) today. As I mentioned in yesterday’s reading, you want to make both your physical world and spiritual world a priority. Connecting to both while being aware of your power with every exchange. As well, letting there be a give and take with both. Give when you receive, and be open to receive when you give.

How can you be helpful today, with yourself and others? What can you share of value with your inner and outer worlds today?

Sharing can be in the form of the intangible, such as love, time, kindness, prayer. Sharing with the tangible can be an act of service, charity, tithing, inspiration, and so on.

Know that there is a Season for everything. A season of uncertainty and turmoil. A season of peace and joy, and everything in between. This too shall pass. In the meantime, use all of the resources available to you here in this world and in the unseen. You have so much more than you think, and so much to be thankful for.

The most important key to have right now is gratitude. Be grateful for all that you are and all that you have, right here and now. This is what will unlock the door to profound healing.

Have a blessed day all!

By the way…

I am currently offering a reading to help you connect with your spirit team; learn what they need you to know at this time to assist you throughout these changes. This is a 30-minute reading done by phone or through Facebook or Instagram messenger.
Current clients can text me directly. If you’ve never worked with me before and would like a reading, fill out a quick application. I don’t work with everyone; I first have to make sure our energies are matched to work together and this form can help me determine that. I do not offer free readings, but if you would like one and cannot afford the investment, please fill out the form anyway and indicate that. We may be able to work something out.


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