Daily Tarot Reading- 4/9/2020

From the “Messages from your Angels” app

Good morning family!  Sometimes we are charged with a special purpose, that only we can bring to life. Today pay extra attention to what inspires you; those ideas and solutions that come to mind. As well, pay attention to your dreams, as these are important messages.

Messages will be received today, intuitively and also in the physical world, that will help you understand that special assignment that is for you. You are being guided and supported to take action on that Divine Inspiration. In particular, if you are guided to create something, asking the Angels including Archangel Gabriel, can help you overcome blocks. Blocks such as insecurity, writer’s block, low energy, or anything else you feel is holding you back.

Today you also want to address how you are communicating with others. Are you clearly speaking up about your needs? And are you approaching others in a diplomatic way? Is there room for compromise? Tensions are high all around. Many of us are quarantined with others, and it can feel uncomfortable, even stifling at times. Imagine living in an apartment in NYC (I do!) with others; with little space to spread out. It can be overwhelming to deal with your own stress and the stress of others.

Have patience with yourself and others. We are all going through it. But don’t be shy about stating your boundaries and what you need to pull through. Be open to listen to what the others you share a home with need from you. Try to be as clear as possible when you speak, and as open as possible when you listen. This is a time of give and take, push and pull. Balance and Harmony are available to us all.

Communication with others also includes how you interact with your Spiritual Team. They are unemployed at the moment =) and looking for things to do! They know you need help so ask for it! Be open to receive what they have to give you, which will arrive in the best way and at the best moment. Some of the current prayer themes include praying (or asking) for healing, for patience, for strength…ask for what you need because you deserve to be comforted and supported. In turn, make sure you are listening for the messages they send your way.

Emotional expression is the order of the day. Expressing yourself to loved ones, to the Divine, or even in a creative form of expression such as writing or drawing, will help you decompress. Expressing yourself today will be soothing and can help you unburden yourself. Can help you understand what you are experiencing at this time. Don’t be afraid to tap in. There’s great strength in vulnerability.

Have a blessed day everyone!



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