Daily Tarot Reading – 4/10/2020

Good morning everyone! In Numerology the number ’10’ represents both an ending (10 for completion) and a beginning (1+0= 1). In order to complete this chapter in your life, and begin a new one, you have to face your shadow side.

From the “Mother Mary” oracle app

I’m inspired by the double 2’s in ‘2020’ representing the duality in nature; male and female, light and dark, night and day. As well, the ‘6’ on today’s card, for balance. The messages for today are all connected.

There’s imbalance when we have too much of something. Even light for example; too much of it can be blinding. Nature teaches us about order and chaos; both in balanced harmony, and so we are asked to see the value in both chaos and order in our lives.

I think most of us can agree that this is a chaotic time for us all; Covid-19 has brought a wave of death, destruction and uncertainty. The main planetary players have been Pluto and Saturn; Pluto bringing the death, darkness, and chaos, while Saturn picks up the pieces and sets new foundations, and order. Trust that all will be well, even if you don’t understand the current restructuring in your life know that everything is working out in the best way it can.

If you go back a few readings you’ll see I’ve mentioned that new foundations are being set, but the old, rotting pieces have to be discarded. This time of “chaos” has destroyed illusions and has brought what was hidden in the darkness, to light. Themes such as access to affordable healthcare, elitism, lack of resources and information to the majority of humanity (who are surviving at or below their means), outdated Patriarchal rules; now we see more of what we couldn’t before.

So what’s your role in all of this?

I would say be aware of the global shifts, but always bring it back home, to you. This is why diving deep into your shadow self; into the darkest parts of yourself, will be a very empowering process. This is how your personal truth will come to light. Bring to light what has been hidden in the shadows. Possibly old, rotting foundations of your own.

There’s a strong Scorpio energy gracing us now, and surprise surprise, its ruler is Pluto. Pluto is at the door to your new beginning, blocking your path. Pluto will not let you cross until you have passed this test; until you have looked into your shadow self for awareness and understanding. Consider this; how can you truly know yourself when you have not been willing to look at those hidden parts of yourself? How can you heal from what you are not willing to address?

Today ask yourself, what have I been hiding from myself?

What haven’t I wanted to face or deal with?

Why am I feeling the way I feel?

Why haven’t I taken action on my dream? Why have I held myself back?

What am I afraid of?

Pluto is testing you, not to cause you fear but to show you that those shadows have no real substance, and truly there was never anything to be afraid of. Once we can all bring forth what has been hidden within ourselves, our global community can truly pass into the new beginning.

You are being held right now. You are supported and you are strengthened. You have the power and courage to face your darkness today.

Have a blessed day all! Please share this powerful message with your loved ones.

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