Daily Tarot Reading – 4/12/2020

Good morning family; I hope you are all well!

We have crossed the threshold together, onto a new adventure. For many, today is observed as Easter Sunday or “The day of Resurrection”. In a way, we have passed the murky depths Pluto laid out for us, and now we have risen from the Ashes. The battles we have fought have strengthened us and forged us to face whatever lies ahead.

From “The Akashic Tarot” app

While we don’t know what tomorrow holds, rejoice in knowing that you have passed the test. Bask in today’s victory that has been long fought. You did the work. You faced your shadow self. You looked deep into the darkness within and faced your fears.

But don’t rest on your laurels; there’s still work to be done. Be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come but don’t forget this victory wasn’t an “easy” one. You had to put in the work; the energy, the time. This victory didn’t fall on your lap, and just like with any form of healing, it has been an uncomfortable shift. It’s no easy thing to let go of the old stories, addictions, fears; illusions. The lesson here is that yes you will have the tools, resources and support to reach the top; to reach your dream, but you are the only one who can use those tools, resources, and support. You are the only one who can build, create, climb. No one else can live your journey for you.

Take the Lead.

If you want to reach your dream, it will take work, action, effort, time, energy, etc. You are the authority figure in your life; don’t wait for someone else to determine your course.

Help will always be available to you, so be sure to ask for it. This is especially useful if you’re unclear how to go about accomplishing your greatest desires.

Messages and information are on the way, to continue to help you on your journey. These messages will provide you with the clarity you seek. As well, you may be guided or inspired to do some research. When those ideas or solutions pop in your head, write them down and make it a priority to take the actions you are guided to take. You need more information and insight to make an informed decision, and will receive it today if you are open.

By the way, this is a wonderful time for learning. If you’ve been guided to learn something new or brush up on your skills, go for it. This could lead to greater career or business success. Many of you have been wanting to go back to school. Because of Covid-19, there are greater opportunities to access the resources you need, to make that a reality.

Have a beautiful day all!


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