Daily Tarot Reading – 4/13/2020

From the “Nature Spirit Walks” app

Good morning everyone; Happy Monday!

The energy of Divine Knowledge continues. I mentioned in yesterday’s reading how this is an opportune time of learning, study, and research. In particular, academic pursuits will be blessed for you. Whether pursuing a formal education or degree, or learning from the School of Life, you will receive the support and resources you need to begin or further your studies.

The Universe is aligning you to receive everything you need; to help you manifest your dreams. Somehow this time of study is part of the alignment process so trust and go for it.

You are co-creating your [new] reality with your Highest Self. Continue to listen and pay attention to the messages you are receiving; both from the physical world and the spiritual world. But I have a feeling these messages will be loud and clear. You will know what next steps to take.

You are being guided to the Promised Land.

Don’t be afraid to pursue your passions. There’s a fire stirring up inside of you, wanting to take action and create. Allow the light of this fire to clarify your intentions and path. Try not to allow your insecurities and doubt to talk you out of pursuing your dreams. Let your own vibrations be “louder” than those voices trying to hold you back; trying to sabotage your progress.

There’s also hidden knowledge unlocking from your subconscious.¬† You brought gifts back with you from your journey into the shadowy depths over the weekend. These gifts will manifest in the forms of heightened intuition or psychic awareness, dream messages, ideas, maybe even visions. They may not make sense right away, but keep a record of the information so you can process it later.

Allow Trust in the Divine to quiet down those inner fears, and help you feel supported with your endeavors today.

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