Daily Tarot Reading – 4/14/2020

From the “Morgan-Greer” Tarot Deck

Good morning everyone! The message for today is: we have and will have all that we need to overcome these challenges. We’ve tapped into hidden wisdom and gifts, and have been paying attention to the messages sent.

Who are you listening to and paying attention to? That voice becomes the authority in your life. Try not to get distracted by all the noise. Remember there’s less noise and distortion now than before, so use this to your advantage to clearly receive the messages the Divine has for you.

You have the strength and resources necessary to stand your ground. To set boundaries and fight for what you believe in; to stand up for yourself. This message is especially useful if you’re feeling challenged, not just by global circumstances, but also by the people and circumstances closest to you. It can be quite daunting to be quarantined with people you may not necessarily get along with.

While yes, diplomacy and compromise can help ease tensions in our households and families, you still want to set clear boundaries, and not allow people to disregard them. Speak up about your needs and be clear about what would be most helpful for you. But keep in mind, we cannot control anyone. All we can do is control our own reactions.

You may feel the need to defend your beliefs or actions, especially when in alignment with the manifestation of your dreams. Know that no one needs to validate your experiences, but it can be challenging to try to explain why you have to take certain actions when others in your circle really don’t understand what you’re trying to do. It’s OK if they don’t get it or you. Continue to walk on that special path that is just for you. You will feel much more fulfilled when you walk to the beat of your own drum.

Beware of trying to rush through this period. Many are eager for Covid-19 to end, but before the “end”, you have to consider what its purpose is for you and your life. You/We are being challenged to grow; to outgrow what no longer serves us. To realize our full potential and power.

The process of Growth is never short or fast.

It takes time for a seed to grow into a tree, or for a change in season. Nature takes its time, and we are all re-learning this now.

God’s time/Nature’s time/Divine time is always perfect and always on time. We cannot force it, rush it, or control it. Let it be and go with the flow. Surrender to this power which is greater than you. Learn to read between the lines of “what is happening” to find the light; to find the opportunities, because there are more treasures than you can even imagine.

Have a blessed day all!

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