Daily Tarot Reading – 4/18/2020

From “The Whimsical Tarot” cards

Good morning family! Going along with yesterday’s theme, we are still resting and healing.

Do not despair. Things are aligning themselves for you, especially with respect to finances. I see new opportunities presenting themselves.

You are being guided to continue to listen and pay attention to the messages your Spirit Team is sending your way; they are leading you towards solutions. But first you have to get out of the way.

You need to rest to clear your head. You need rest to feel restored and ready to face any challenges that cross your path. Rest will bring about clarity and peace.

Though many of us like to avoid it, crying can be very soothing for you. You’ve been holding so much in, trying to be strong for others. Take a moment to vent. To cry it out. To decompress.

Allow yourself a moment to process your thoughts and emotions.

This is not the time for certainty, so if you’re looking for that or guarantees, you will continue to be frustrated. This is why taking a step back from what you want is so important; to allow for Divine Synchronicity to come into play.

Trust that you will move away from current challenges once you allow yourself to experience another way; another perspective. A rested body, heart, mind, and soul can help you get to that point.

I love you all and thank you for reading and sharing! Have a beautiful day.

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