Daily Tarot Reading – 4/20/2020

From the “Angel Dreams” oracle cards deck

Good morning everyone! SHIELDS UP! (in Captain Picard’s voice)

It is very easy to be susceptible to people’s energies and influence, especially while living with others.

You may find that your emotions are like night and day; sometimes joyful, sometimes brooding. It’s so important to set clear boundaries, and to shield and clear yourself often.

I can tell when I’m not feeling or acting like myself, and that tells me that it’s time to clear my energy. I use tools such as smoke (palo santo, incense) or water (showers, holy water, florida water) to clear the energies in my room/space and body. Whenever I need to “clear my head” I step outside and go for a long walk, especially in nature.

Connecting with nature is another wonderful way to ground yourself/ground your energy. Walking barefoot on the earth or sand, or even just touching the trees or grass. Being in nature can be soothing and healing. If you have crystals, you can easily connect to Mother Earth that way.

Clearing and grounding yourself regularly helps you be in a state of balance but you can also envision an actual shield (or force field) around you. Envisioning yourself surrounded by light can act as an energetic shield.

Music and sound is another way to get grounded and centered. I love sounds such as a “Tibetan Singing bowl” or the sound of ocean waves, all of which you can find on Youtube.

Distance from people and their sh%t can also help. Sometimes all it takes is silencing your phone and avoiding social media. Let people know when they need to give you room to breathe and get yourself centered. Once you get to that state of balance it’ll be much easier to have a clear mind for solutions and miracles.

Have a beautiful day all!

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