Daily Tarot Reading – 4/22/2020

Good morning all, and Happy Earth Day! Mother Earth is inviting us to rest in her loving embrace today.

From the “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms” deck

She knows we’re tired; in fact, exhausted. She knows how hard we’re working and how much we’re doing. She knows most of us are just surviving every day; we’re all doing the best we can.

Take a deep breath and rest. Give your mind and body a break; you need it. At least for today, let go of your burdens. At least for a moment be willing to let go of the “how’s”; drop the goals and agendas.

She knows you want this to be over; you want things to go back to “normal”. She knows you want to go outside again and be with your friends and family. She just needs a little more time, and a little more patience. She doesn’t ask for much, and she gives and gives no matter how much we take. She wants to keep providing but she needs a little break, and so rest we must until she is ready.

Many of the shifts we are experiencing are in Divine Order, despite the temporary chaos. There is a re-ordering of things; a restoration. Balance and Justice will be restored as a stronger global foundation is set. As well, personal balance and justice will be experienced in all aspects of our lives. It’s helpful to detach from the outcome.

Detach from trying to figure out what life will look like once this period is “over”, or trying to control every single move. I know you want to avoid making a wrong move, but no move is wrong if wisdom is gained.

Today also happens to be a New Moon; a time for wishes and new beginnings. A time to plant seeds. This particular moon has gifts for us; good news is on the way. Resources, support, information, and opportunities are on the way. Know that you are safe and all of your needs are being met. Know that you are fully supported and everything is working in your favor.

Continue to ground yourself in Faith, and have a blessed day all!

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