Daily Tarot Reading – 4/23/2020

Good morning everyone! With the New Moon that just graced us yesterday we want to begin working on planting seeds that will manifest by the next Full Moon. What simple action steps can we take today to bring these seeds to life?

From “The Enchanted Map” oracle cards app

The message today is about asking for what you need. Wishes can be granted, and yes there is magic, and miracles happen every day. But you are being urged to focus on what your role is when you are asking for the manifestation of a desire. Consider instead, focusing on what you need versus what you want.

A want is something specific, such as “I want one million dollars”, but a need is a fulfillment, such as “I want to have a stable source of income”. A need is more flexible; it allows for The Universe to determine the form.

What are you willing to work towards today?

I for one have many dreams and goals, but I really only work towards a few things. I honestly only have the time, energy, and motivation for a few things and don’t want to spread myself thin. While I don’t like using the term “realistic”, keep it real on what you can’t and can do. Make grounded choices according to your levels of energy and motivation.

You are the one in charge on this quest. Your Spirit Team is on standby, waiting to co-create along with you. You don’t need to have it all planned out, but what would you like your life to look like two weeks from now? That is our next Full Moon (May 7th), when things come into fruition. Choose one thing, create a simple plan, and take one step towards it today.

And then let it go.

The next best action you can take when manifesting is to detach from the outcome. Be open to the form in which it manifests for you. You still take action but don’t obsess or try to force things to happen. Remember you are co-creating, so your partnership with spirit will help you receive further instructions. Follow your guidance to reach the golden path.

Have a blessed day all and don’t forget to share this message with your loved ones.

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