Daily Tarot Reading – 4/24/2020

From “The Mother Mary Oracle” app

Good morning everyone! Allow yourself to be held by the Divine. Our Divine Mother; the Divine Feminine is asking us to not be afraid to feel. Know that there is power in emotions.

I actually feel such peace looking at the image on today’s card. Someone I loved dearly recently passed and I envision her wrapped up and held in a loving embrace, just like the baby in the image. This is a time of rebirth for us all.

I feel grounded in Faith. I know and Trust that there is a Divine order and timing, and everything is working out perfectly even if sometimes I don’t understand how. Even if sometimes the circumstances scare or challenge me. We are all held together by our spiritual family, whether in our physical world or the spiritual one. We are never alone.

We are loved, always. There is Peace in surrendering to the will of the Divine. There’s a new beginning happening for us all; on a global and personal level. Trust a bit more. Trust that everything is working out in the best ways. Your mind is so powerful that whatever you perceive is what is. If you can for a moment believe that things are working in your favor, then you will see the Miracle.

Peace is here now.

These blessed changes are bringing the answers to our prayers. The obstacles which once held us back are being cleared. This unfolding can feel scary to many, especially because many of us are so used to suffering. Suffering at our jobs or home situations. Suffering to bring about changes to our lives. Most of us have been living in turmoil and now we have a greater chance at better lives, more than ever before.

So open yourself up to new possibilities today because you are worthy to receive; more than you know.

Love you all; thank you for tuning in.

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