Daily Tarot Reading – 4/28/2020

From the “Tarot Mucha” card app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family!

The question for today is, is it your will or Divine will? Which one will offer you the best solution? You may have recently stumbled into a challenge that has caused this “tug of war” for dominance.

You may be feeling a little more afraid about your finances; uncertain of what the future holds. In need of immediate solutions now. You may be tempted to cut corners today or to pursue quick solutions without knowing all the details; I would caution against this since it could lead to trouble further down the road. The financial uncertainty may trigger irrational fear and worry, creating an imbalance. Stay Present.

Focus on what you currently have right now; you have a lot more blessings than you think. Try not to allow the fear over material goods interfere with your sense of security; materials do not guarantee safety. Safety and Peace come from within; believe you are safe and you are. That’s not to say that you don’t need material things, or a home for example, to feel safe, just try not to make them your god.

Your best bet today is to work together; not just with spirit but also with your tribe. If you need an immediate solution, turn to everyone who loves you and supports you. I know how challenging it can be to ask for help, but if it’s help you need you won’t figure it out on your own today. Be open to creative solutions and unexpected miracles. Try not to let your ego sink you down into its pit of illusions and despair. If you also feel compelled to entertain an addiction, reaching out for help can be your biggest ally.

Remember that everything is temporary including any suffering you may be experiencing. Take a deep breath and affirm “this too shall pass”. Think on all of the hurdles you’ve faced and overcome, and think on any “failures” in your life as opportunities for growth and wisdom. You are enough as you are and you have enough, right here and now.

Have a blessed day all!

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