Daily Tarot Reading – 4/29/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family!

From the “Mandala Meditations” app

You are the hopes and dreams of your Ancestors. Ancestral wisdom is deeply rooted within you, and they are asking you to connect with them today.

Understand the lessons they didn’t. Learn from them. Synthesize that knowledge into powerful tools to use in this lifetime. This is your moment and they want to share with you the most important lesson of all; make the most of your time here.

Make the most of your experience in the here and now.

When you pass, you don’t take time with you. You won’t take your material goods. As dizzying as life may be sometimes, it really is a gift. It is an opportunity.

Your Benevolent Ancestors are celebrating with you. They are working with you to help you in every way. They want you to rejoice and know that you are loved and taken care of. They know what you’re going through; use their support. Connect with them.

You may already know which ancestors you are working with, but if you don’t, ask them to send you a message or a sign to help you get to know them. I especially like to ask them to send me messages in my dreams.

They want you to know that good news is on its way to you.  I sense for many this is in the form of material support, such as unexpected money, or a job opportunity. For many weeks the Spirit realm has been telling me that things will get better for us in the summer months, and I am so looking forward to warmer weather!

Go outside if you can today, to get some fresh air. Whenever the Sun invites you to go outside, go meet it. Breathing in fresh air can help you feel a pop of energy and vitality. Take time to enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature. Bask in Victory today!

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