Daily Tarot Reading – 4/30/2020

From the “Wisdom of the Oracle” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! What day is it?

#QuarantineLife is quite exhausting isn’t it? Waiting to see what’s next and anticipating when things will go “back to normal”. While knowing things will never be the same, we crave a slice of what we’re used to. Even if “normal” was challenging or toxic, we felt safe there. It was something we “understood” and even felt we could control.

Now many of us are feeling lost and ungrounded; what structures are holding us together?

The energy of community is strong today; turn to the community for help. Turn to your loved ones, or your spiritual support system. This is not a time to figure things out on your own. While we are being asked to isolate for health reasons, we are really not meant to be alone. As the Blues Brothers would say “Everybody needs somebody”.

So where’s your tribe at?

Maybe you never really had a tribe, or the tribe you had you no longer click with. The new normal of living a semi-virtual life can make it easier to meet new people. There are so many virtual events or even Facebook groups you can participate in. There’s something for everyone.

And guess what? If you can’t find where you fit in, create a space to share. Sometimes we have to make the space or create the opportunity. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the noise, set boundaries not walls. In other words, learn to cultivate healthy relationships with give and take, but make sure you’re open for that. Open your heart to give and receive love in all forms.

And you can always, always turn to the Divine for support and companionship. You can ask them to help you find a community you connect with.

Remember you are not alone, and life is a marathon not a sprint. You’ll get to wherever you need to go, eventually.

Have a blessed day all!

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