Daily Tarot Reading – 5/3/2020

From “The Divine Feminine Oracle” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels has blessed us today. She strengthens us and gives us the courage to walk in Faith.

Changes are afoot and essentially we are on a new adventure. But of course it’s easy to be afraid of the unknown. You’re not sure what’s next or even if the path you’re on will lead to rewards, but Mother Mary assures us that it will.

She is asking us to trust the Divine which is currently speaking to us through our intuition. Even if certain things don’t make sense logically, if it feels right, go for it. You are being lead to total fulfillment and great Abundance (in all positive forms).

I especially see blessed changes with respect to your homes. Because of the energy of change in the air, this could signal a move into a new home, or even welcoming new family members into your home. We are in a foundational year so these changes are building your empire brick by brick, on solid ground. For some of you, you may be receiving an inheritance soon.

Allow your fears and doubts to be calmed. Walk into Mary’s comforting embrace and allow her to show you how to keep moving forward despite the resistance. Let there be Peace in your heart today as you welcome necessary changes into your life.

Have a blessed day all, and don’t forget to follow so you get these readings straight to your inbox.

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