Daily Tarot Reading – 5/5/2020

From “The Whimsical Tarot” deck

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! All cards, like people, have a role to play; even the seemingly “bad” ones.

Life isn’t all about joy, fun and games; there’s also growth. And growth can feel uncomfortable, challenging, scary, or all of the above. Don’t avoid those “bad” places; those dark moments, thoughts, or emotions. The more you hide these aspects from yourself, the more powerful they grow in the darkness. Bring them to the light.

Today you may feel like you’re not in control of your life; like you are not in charge or unable to make decisions. You might feel trapped in a circumstance that you feel you can’t let go of, such as a toxic job or relationship. Know that there are circumstances happening behind the scenes that will change all of that; you are being supported as you make your way towards healing.

The energy for today is a little scattered and erratic; your thoughts and emotions may feel all over the place. Many of you are sensitive to the current intensity, so I recommend taking things slow today. Take them step by step, and if you can get help from others, it would make things easier. Do what you can, and if you feel like you’re out of it, take a break.

You have power over your reactions. Be empowered and do recognize that you are tired, stressed, and possibly overwhelmed. This energy will not last, but please do recognize that though it may feel uncomfortable, this is another moment of growth for you.

Who is The Devil in your life today? Is it fear? Is is addiction? Is it low self-worth?

Who is calling the shots in your life? Are the strings being pulled, or is the figure determining the swing of the hands? What is your perspective on the image? Focus on it for a moment and it can give you great insight on where your power lies today.

Have a blessed day all!


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