Daily Tarot Reading – 5/6/2020

From the “Numerology Guidance cards” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family!

In numerology, 5+6 = 11, which is a master number. Broken down further, it equals a ‘2’, which is the number on this card; further confirmation of alignment.

No one really likes to wait for what they want, but hold on just a little longer. Have patience while pieces of the puzzle are being put together. Use this pause in momentum to gather your energy and strategize.

This is the perfect time to clarify your goals and dreams, especially with the Scorpio Full Moon gracing us tomorrow; asking us to always go deep. Nothing is ever shallow in Scorpio. There is intensity which can help fuel the flames of vibrant energy and inspiration. This temporary pause can help you recharge your batteries. You will need all your energy when things get moving forward.

Have confidence that everything is working itself out; the Divine’s got you. You have a team of Benevolent Benefactors who are working on helping you receive everything you need and more. And closer to your soul’s desires. What is being manifested for you under the Scorpio Moon is a deep desire; something close to your purpose and destiny. Taking a “time out” from action today puts you in a state of receptivity; you will be much more open to receiving important guidance and solutions.

I mentioned that today represents a “master number” of ’11’, which can mean walking on a spiritual path. Today is also a wonderful moment to tap into opportunities related to spiritual interests; could be research, or joining groups, asking questions…activities that will help you gain insight into your spiritual connections.

Lastly, if you are feeling low energy, consider doing a free meditation on the ‘sacral’ chakra (you can find ones on Youtube), to balance it. Focus on the vibrant orange on this card and allow your fuel reserves to be filled.

Have a blessed day all and don’t forget to follow this blog so you get the daily readings straight to your inbox!

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