Daily Tarot Reading – 5/7/2020

From the “Nature Spirit Walks” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! How are you feeling today?

Under this Scorpio Full Moon, you may be feeling emotions more intensely. You could also be feeling a ‘heaviness’ or fatigue. This doesn’t mean you will experience any or all of these things, but something to be aware of. Point being, if you are in a “funk” you can blame some of it on the current energy. Try not to take things personally today.

Most of the time when I draw the Moon card in a reading, it speaks to me of secrets; of things hidden. The moth in today’s image is drawn to the light of the Moon, but understands that there’s also room for darkness. Just like the phases of the moon, we too shall go through phases.

We’re all experiencing a tremendous moment of growth and courage with this pandemic. Despite whatever inner criticisms you may have about yourself, you are doing the best you can. “This too shall pass” has been one of my favorite sayings the past few months, because it will. We will have moments of bright light and joy, and also of darkness and fear, and everything in between. This is Life. This is the Moon’s message today.

There is also a powerful gateway open for manifesting deep, soul desires today. The Scorpio Full Moon wants us to reflect on what it is we think we want; do we really desire it or is it something fleeting? Whatever your approach is to manifesting, make sure it involves a true want; make sure you really want it and are making moves to attain it.

This is a time of wonderful transformation. If you really want to experience blessed changes in your life, be willing to let go of what is no longer serving you. Also be willing to let go of needing guarantees and answers every step of the way. Remember that life is an adventure and wouldn’t be much of an experience if you knew what would happen every step of the way.

Easy does it, is the ‘action’ of the day. Work slowly, if you have to work. Take lots of breaks. Be gentle with yourself. And PLAY as much as you can, to break up some of the tension.

Have a blessed day all, and don’t forget to follow this blog (check below or on the side bar for the button) to receive these daily readings straight to your inbox!

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