Daily Tarot Reading – 5/11/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family, and Happy Monday! We made it to another day, and another week.

Because we’ve been asked to be present and grounded, I decided to work today with my “Archangel Raphael Healing” deck, to gain insight on our physical bodies and experiences. The message for today is that there is more than one path towards healing.

Many of us are used to turning to more modern medical practices, but did you know many of those modern techniques were based on traditional healing methods?

One of the things I hear more of in the news is how traditional home remedies are winning the battle against Coronavirus. More and more people are turning to herbal and natural remedies to strengthen their immune systems. If modern medicine were the only solution, this global problem would have already been solved. We have to learn to oscillate between the modern and the traditional, to be at our healthiest.

Consider looking into alternative healing practices to find solutions; could be modalities such as energy healing, acupuncture, massages, herbal tinctures, etc. The list goes on. Most of the time these types of healing practices are not covered by modern health insurance, so you may have to pay for them yourself, but if you’ve been struggling with a problem for a while now that modern medicine has not helped with, you may want to consider investing for your benefit.

Follow your intuition because you are being led to important resources and insight, so soon enough you may receive the name of an alternative medicine practitioner, for example, which can help you get started on the path towards natural healing. Also listen to your body and its needs, because it is also sending signals and sensations your way, to help you gain insight into the current state of your physical health.

Many of you are struggling with an addiction, which has been harder to “manage” as a result of this pandemic. Firstly, acknowledge and accept where you are now. Understand that you are trying the best you can, so don’t beat yourself up or judge yourself right now. Again, you are being led towards healing so pay attention because it looks like alternative medicine can help you break the cycles of addiction. Please also recognize that addiction takes on many forms, for example addiction to impulsive shopping, or to sugar.

Many of you have natural healing abilities, so try treating yourself as if you were your own patient. Pretend a friend has come to you with a problem; how would you approach it? Tapping in to your own natural gifts can also help with your personal healing journey.

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to be gentle and patient with yourself, as you learn to navigate this “new normal” we’re all dealing with.

Have a blessed and beautiful day all! Don’t forget to follow this blog so you don’t miss out on the daily readings! 

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