Daily Tarot Reading – 5/12/2020

From “The Good Tarot” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family!

It’s time to rock the boat a little today. Many of us are currently blocked, creatively. We’ve been used to such a serious tone with this pandemic, that many have forgotten how to laugh, or be silly, or even to play. The heaviness and intensity has weighed us down, and depleted our reserves, but there’s a potential solution for you today.

Today, opposites attract. You’re being guided to be revolutionary, and rebel. Try the different, unknown, challenging; try what you’ve never considered before. Oftentimes creativity is hiding right beneath the things we have chosen to overlook; hidden among the “strange”.

Let your freak flag fly. You may be receiving ideas and solutions in new and unexpected ways. Inspiration may come from unlikely sources. Even if thoughts seem a bit “out there”, write them down; you may need them for later.

Because your mind is so used to perceiving things in a certain way, trying a different perspective may seem a little daunting at first. Just remember that everything that is familiar to you now was at one point new, and fresh.

Follow the “silly” people today; those you may have dismissed as too eclectic or quirky. How do they get their creative juices flowing? What inspires them? How did they overcome personal challenges?

Not sure of where to begin on this quest? Start with children; they know how to play and be silly. They don’t take things so seriously; let them teach you how to do the same. Let children and being ‘childlike’ inspire you to tap in to your own inner child. This playful and light energy can in turn lighten your spirits.

Let the “different” be your guide today. If it feels unfamiliar or even uncomfortable, then you know you’ve stumbled onto treasure.

Have a beautiful day all, and don’t forget to follow this blog (at the button below or on the side bar) to get the daily readings straight to your inbox!

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