Daily Tarot Reading – 5/13/2020

From “The Everyday Witch Tarot” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! If you heeded yesterday’s advice, today you’ll gain the clarity you need (and if you didn’t have a chance to see yesterday’s reading, consider following this blog so you get them straight to your inbox!).

Now is a wonderful time to act on new ideas. You will also be receiving new information, resources, or opportunities that will help you be in alignment with great success!

Continue to explore the unconventional. Those ideas or solutions that you may have previously dismissed could prove useful now. You have the Power and Authority to go for the gold! You have the wisdom, skills, and motivation to put those talents to good use.

For many of you, what is coming your way will be personally empowering. You may have been working towards a goal for a while now, and not seeing any results. Your patience and persistence will pay off soon.

I encourage you all to write down ideas and solutions you receive, even “random thoughts” that seem like they could be good ideas. Writing things down makes them real and possible.

Be open to the gifts the Universe has for you today; this is what will set things in motion for you!

Have a blessed day all, and don’t forget to follow this blog so you get the readings straight to your inbox!. You can follow by clicking the ‘follow’ button below this post.

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