Daily Tarot Reading – 5/15/2020

From the “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms” oracle card deck.

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family!

Many of the Planets are currently in “retrograde”, which in essence means their trajectories are going backwards instead of forwards. Oftentimes retrogrades are portrayed as something intimidating, for example with the infamous “Mercury retrograde” but actually going “back” is a natural cycle for us all. Retrogrades are important in so many ways.

They allow us to become stronger at:





And so much more.

Retrogrades are a time for Re-flecting on what has occurred in your life, and today’s card mirrors that message. The main point to keep in mind though is, whenever you are taking a trip down memory lane, keep it logical. Focus on just observing, without judgement or emotional attachment. Easier said than done, but this is super important. If you find yourself still being emotionally impacted or invested by the moments you revisit, this means that they are still affecting you here in the present. If you can truly be detached from a moment in time from the past, then it is no longer a driving force in your life.

Many of you may want to fight this opportune moment of looking back; you want to keep pushing forward. But listen, sure you can do that but it will be costly in energy. You will be super drained if you try to forge ahead without first taking a deep dive into your history. Think of the value of looking back: if you know where the pitfall is, you can walk around it the next time it crosses your path, in the future. If you can look back and notice the signs of that really bad relationship, for example, you can interrupt repeating that same cycle in the future.

So pause. Breathe. And dive right in. In fact, you may have already begun your journey. What thoughts, memories, emotions, or even people, have triggered a trip down memory lane for you, recently? Whatever current themes are the most prominent in your life right now, start there. Once you actually begin to pay attention, you’ll notice the patterns right in front of you.

I’ll share something personal with you. I’ve always been considered “overweight”, for as long as I can remember. I’ve healed from so much but I know there’s more to be done. During this pandemic I found myself being triggered by the news of lack of food, and that caused deep food anxiety for me. I binged a few times, and recalled some times in the past where I binged for comfort. It’s a very interesting experience to realize when you’re back into an old pattern or habit, but because of my awareness I was able to confront it instead of hiding it away.

Awareness is enlightenment, and you always want to turn those thoughts, feelings, experiences, and memories towards the light.

You may not feel all the way confident, or feel much like yourself at this time, but then consider, what is your true self? Don’t be afraid to question what you think you know to be true. This is an empowering time for us all.

If this reading resonated with you, it will also resonate with your loved ones, so share it with them! Thank you.

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