Daily Tarot Reading – 5/19/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today we receive further confirmation of financial/physical support, and Abundance coming our way.

From “The Whimsical Tarot” deck

Continue to keep your mind and heart open to receive the Divine gifts coming your way. I sense for many this could be unexpected money or job opportunities. No matter what form these gifts take, they will be emotionally fulfilling.

We’re all experiencing healing in so many ways, but in particular a healing of our relationships with money. Money is a human construct and the way we handle/think about money is reflected by the rules and laws we have chosen to accept in this experience. Your personal experience and understanding surrounding money, and Abundance, comes from the beliefs you adopted as you learned about this life.

Unfortunately for many of us, we start out in life having unfulfilling relationships with money; toxic relationships. We don’t really understand money and maybe even worship it; look to it for total fulfillment. The Divine understands our need for money, but this was not something they created. In fact, they know that Abundance in all forms is our natural state, and are guiding us to remembering that wisdom. Scarcity, lack, fear surrounding money, are all experiences we create and oftentimes choose to incorporate into our lives. Money is just a tool like any other.

Allow yourself the opportunity to adopt a new experience with money and Abundance. Know that your needs will always be met, and yes you will have moments where you have more than enough. There is more than enough for us all; do not allow the illusions of lack to fool you.

Do be strategic with this tool we call money. I mentioned in yesterday’s reading how tithing can be one way to use money. Today, saving and investing are other ways. Saving up for those moments when we may be experiencing financial uncertainty, and investing in more fulfilling circumstances; in foundational elements, such as buying a home or land. So before going on a shopping spree, save a little, give a little, and then splurge a little. Most importantly, bless this gift with gratitude; this will keep you in alignment with receiving more.

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