Daily Tarot Reading – 5/20/2020

From the “Nature Spirit Walks” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The message for today is about resilience and grace.

Your needs are met, you have more than enough; you have the strength and power to overcome any challenge. You’ve already been through so much and have come up on the other side of troubles. Whatever trials you are currently facing will pass, and you will be victorious once again.

Because for the past few readings I’ve mentioned about receiving gifts, in particular monetary abundance, I want you to consider saving most of that away for a rainy day. The point here is to yes, splurge a little, but only a little. You’ll want to ‘store those nuts’ for whenever you may hit a bump or detour along the road. I’m not saying a bump will happen, but if you think back on your life, you can probably list the moments when you wished you would have saved a little more.

Before I even drew this card I felt “water energy” for tomorrow; water can be smooth and calm, and also rough and wild. Let your emotions be tempered today. When you find yourself easily irked or angry, pour a little more water into your spiritual cup. When you feel overwhelmed or consumed by deep emotions, pour a little water out. Find balance today in your emotions and intentions, so that you can perceive your next steps clearly.

Find grace in whatever comes your way today; knowing that circumstances are all temporary. Enjoy the moments you can and accept when things may not be formed in the way you wish they could be. I feel today’s energy as if it were an older, wiser adult; someone who has been through many experiences, learned from them, and has decided to be aware of life’s movements but not take them so seriously. Find balance in all things today.

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