Daily Tarot Reading – 5/22/2020

Midwest Birds playing cards

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Happy New Moon day! The energy is forward moving…

Rapid changes are headed your way; changes that are taking you away from struggles and conflict and towards inspiration. Pay attention the the signs and guidance you receive today as they are leading you towards fulfillment.

For many of you I see a change in employment. Possibly one door closes (loss of a job or demotion, or loss of a business) but another one will open soon. Any uncertainty with respect to your finances is temporary. Our Moon Mother would remind us that this is “just a phase”, and your cup will be Full once again. Once this “loss” occurs you’ll have more time to review what’s in your best interest. You’ll be free to receive clarity and insight into what career path gives you a sense of purpose.

Know that it is possible to have a purposeful career that is financially rewarding and emotionally fulfilling; you are ready for this upgrade!

Use this New Moon energy to get clear on what kind of career path would be a dream for you, and set the intention to receive that or better within the next month. I always recommend writing down your wishes (intentions), to make them real. Write down everything you’re looking for in a dream career and place your note under your pillow. Pay attention to dream messages you receive tonight; see what messages of support the New Moon has for you.

Have a beautiful day all and see you tomorrow for the daily reading!

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