Daily Tarot Reading – 5/23/2020

From “The Enchanted Map Oracle” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Hopefully you can enjoy this long weekend and relax! Put your plans and goals on ice while you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Go outside if you can and drink in the Sun and nature. Today is all about stopping to smell the roses. If you don’t stop you may end up crashing. Stopping allows you to recover and recharge for when the energy is forward moving again.

Stopping also allows you to see what you may have overlooked, and there are signs waving everywhere for you.

Your Spirit Team is warning you that if you don’t take a break you may end up biting off more than you can chew. Your immune system can become compromised and increase your chance of illness. As well, you may unwillingly rush into agreements that are not for your highest good. Pay attention to what messages and signals they are sending your way.

One of the other pitfalls you may end up falling in to, if you’re not careful, is repeating a pattern that causes you pain and suffering. For many of you this pattern involves obsessing over someone; could be an ex or someone you wish was your lover. You know exactly who I’m referring to.

So avoid going down memory lane and reaching out to those toxic exes; avoid the temptation to open doors which have been closed for your best interest. Recognize when you’re beginning to dance around that old wound, and immediately focus on something else. Remember that sometimes we are our own worst enemies and are looking to sabotage our progress. You really don’t want to do something that you’ll later come to regret.

Take it easy today; just chill. Life will continue to work in your favor while you take a break.

Have a blessed day all; see you here tomorrow!


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