Daily Tarot Reading – 5/27/2020

From the “Tarot Mucha” card app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Blast off! The energy has shifted once again to a forward moving one, though this time it’s the Universe making moves on your behalf. All you have to do is be open and ready to receive.

Change is such a challenge for many of you who like the comfort of the familiar, even if what’s familiar is not in your best interest. So when Life presents you with opportunities today and you feel overwhelmed by the choices and changes, just stop for a moment to take a deep breath. Get centered and focus your logical mind on what’s most important. And let me point out that any moment can be shifted into an opportunity, even when it may be seemingly intense or even ‘scary’ at first.

Once your mind is laser focused on what truly matters, you can then access your emotions to point you towards the best decision. If you feel butterflies of excitement in your tummy, that’s a great indicator for which path to choose, even if those flutters are mixed with a little fear. However, if a path makes you feel heavy and burdened, you might want to reconsider going in that direction.

Ready or not here change comes! Your best course of action is to assess your options and pick the best one, but please make sure this decision is yours. Try not to allow a decision to be forced upon you by others. In fact if you can, keep this choice to yourself until it has come into full fruition.

While the opportunities and choices presented today may come as a surprise, and may need a fast re-action or response, please take some time to make a decision. Do not rush into any agreements before seeing the fine print; if you’re being rushed into an instant decision then that’s a great indicator that it may not be for you. You want to do some research, but don’t let this stall you from advancing. The point is to catch your breath but keep moving.

Keep a calm and cool head if you feel overwhelmed by emotions today. Give your experiences a logical perspective; what is real and factual? What details do you have, to come to an informed conclusion? You hold the power to great change in your hands; this is a moment to step into your Divine Authority – your Highest Self.

Have a blessed day all and see you here tomorrow!

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