Daily Tarot Reading – 5/28/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family!

From the “Wisdom of the Avalon” oracle cards

The energy continues to be forward moving and supportive. In essence, we are being led to solutions and dreams come true. Maybe you’ve been tired and burdened by worries, fears, and doubts; uncertain about what next step to take. The Fire Faery on this card is here to tell us to remain optimistic.

She is granting us energy and resources to help us understand what best action to take. She is helping us know which path to walk on.

It’s important to be deeply honest with yourself about where you are unhappy. What needs to change in you and your environment, to help you feel your best?

Pay extra close attention to the messages you receive today; there are no coincidences. You’ll be receiving all manner of magical occurrences and information, to propel you forward to the next step.

Just like a bird flying high in the sky, turn your vision towards the grander scale of your life. Zoom out to take a look at the bigger picture; what is actually important for you?

Don’t be surprised by sweet rewards that the Universe throws your way today, including good luck and unexpected gifts. Be thankful, to remain in alignment.

Have a blessed day all!

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