Daily Tarot Reading – 5/29/2020

From “The Mother Mary Oracle” app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! I want to share a personal story with you that also relates to today’s reading. Since last week I have been feeling “out of sorts”. I did not feel balanced or even like my usual self. I felt conflicted, but I could not pinpoint the exact emotions I was feeling. I felt an urgency to figure out what was bothering me to “get it over with”. This restlessness grew into anger mixed with anxiety. I knew certain circumstances were bothering me but I didn’t know how much until I really began questioning my feelings.

I then had an Aha! moment…I realized I was extremely uncomfortable. I was going through something I could not explain, which made me feel out of control. This discomfort felt tight, like wearing a shoe that was one size too small. I do not like being uncomfortable; who does? And at that moment I realized that what I could not pinpoint before was discomfort. I was going through discomfort due to change; due to growth.

Something inside of me was no longer capable of accepting compromise, or a ‘less than’ state. I knew I was ready for more; for evolution. And so today we are in alignment with evolutionary changes in our lives. We are no longer willing to accept less than what we are worthy to receive. 

As you shed your old skin and cocoon from what you’ve been used to (the comfortable state), your new skin is molding the environment around it. In other words, you are not being shaped by your experiences; you are now shaping the experiences. You have grown into your Higher Self. You are now in a Sacred Union with your Divine Self.

Allow something new to enter your life; to change you and your experiences. Push through the discomfort like a seedling pushing up from the ground. Rise up!

Accept this discomfort of powerful growth to show you the way out of darkness; let this moment empower you. Be bold and allow your inner conflicts to show you the answers you seek.

It’s important to express yourself at this time; do not hold in or hold back what you need to say. You can be professional and diplomatic about speaking up for yourself, without watering down the message. You can do this! You are the authority in your life.

Your courage will lead you to miracles! 

Have a blessed day and weekend all! See you back here tomorrow; be sure to follow this blog using the button below.

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