Daily Tarot Reading – 6/1/2020

From the “Messages from your Angels” oracle cards app, by Doreen Virtue

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family; happy June! We made it to a new month and soon will be entering into a new cycle. But before we enter the new we have to conclude the old.

The energy can feel so heavy right now. Everywhere you turn there is news of uncertainty and violence. Everyone is highly charged and ready to engage, even in the smallest of arguments. Tempers are running hot and it doesn’t help that we are entering into a new solar phase; Summer Solstice will be gracing us soon. We’ll have more energy to burn so if it’s not checked, can get out of control.

What you need right now is a step back. A step back can help you look at the bigger picture with your Higher Mind. Whatever information or circumstances are directly affecting you can be analyzed better from a more neutral perspective. You need a little break from the intensity on the news and social media, before you overwhelm yourself. You may be overwhelmed now. If you’re not careful it will lead you down a path towards despair.

But that is not your calling.

That is not your purpose. So what is your purpose? What is the deeper meaning of your experiences? These are the kinds of questions you want to focus on now. It’s easy to become distracted by what we are experiencing outside of ourselves. Of course it is natural to have compassion for others and want to help, but first you must have compassion for yourself. You have to consider your health and wellness. You also need a moment to heal.

As we come to the end of one path, we may be triggered by past memories and experiences. With the heightened sensitivity in the world, any circumstance can feel much more intense than it needs to be, which is why taking a step back can help you feel more grounded to fight another day.

Take a look back today at your life as a whole and consider how far you’ve come. Take inventory on what you carry with you on your journey now, and see if there’s anything that needs to be let go of. It may be time to unload yourself of unnecessary burdens.

This is a time of profound karmic healing. Please take a moment today to consider how valuable you and your life are, and how precious every moment is. Know that you are loved and supported at this time, and at every moment of your life. Cleanse the energy in your home and surrounding you, and if you are able, light a candle for peace. Inner and outer peace.


By the way, I created a “Summer Solstice” reading to help you understand what your focus should be for the rest of the year. Look at the image below and pick the card that stands out to you the most; which one do you feel the most drawn to? Comment your pick below and I’ll post the results later.

From the “Everyday Witch” Tarot app, by Deborah Blake

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