Daily Tarot Reading – 6/3/2020

From the “Archangel Michael” oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family; we are here another day Thank God. Thank the Universe, Source, the Angels, Ancestors, etc…Thank them all.

I’m thankful for creating a newer, stronger spiritual foundation for myself, which is why I always recommend others to do the same. Faith is grounding and healing. Faith is not about religion or dogma; it is about connection to your highest self. The highest version or yourself; the highest mind, heart, and soul. Faith is about stepping outside of what you think you know, to make room for Belief.

I most often turn to Archangel Michael (St. Michael) for protection; whenever I feel shaken by my outer reality. Whenever I need to feel supported and safe. So today I chose a card from the deck I use to connect with that energy, and share the message with you all. Again I recommend establishing a connection with spiritual warriors, who help you feel safe. The time to do that is now, especially if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

There is no need to fear. Can you accept knowing this, even if just for a few seconds? Imagine if even for a small window of a moment you felt completely safe and at peace, despite the outer conditions.

Imagine for a second that despite the news, despite the violence, despite the uncertainty, you are safe. I AM SAFE. How do you feel when you tell yourself you are safe? I bet for a moment there is a sense of hope. For a moment you feel a warmth within yourself. Even if afterwards you spiral into the chaos, but for that fraction of time you felt the eternal love that is already within you.

There is nothing to fear. There is NO-THING to fear. Fear itself is what makes you afraid. Do not allow the news, media, community, or others to become your belief system. What does your heart tell you? What does your spirit tell you? Despite what you see with your physical eyes, what is actually true for you?

You have every reason to believe and trust in a higher power. Your spiritual family is watching over you; guiding you. Making sure you have everything you need. Even in those moments when you don’t talk to them or forget to ask them for help, they are there.

If nothing else, take today to connect with your loved ones watching over you in the realm of the unseen; patiently waiting for you to be willing to receive their help and guidance. All is well, and all will be well.

The outer always changes but the inner remains the same. IN-power yourself.

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