Daily Tarot Reading – 6/6/2020

From the “Keepers of Light” oracle cards deck by Kyle Gray

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family!

I had a conversation recently about spiritual protection. While we all have the ability to call on spiritual protection (and it will always be available to us), it does not mean that we have to stop being vigilant. We have to still consciously make decisions to try and stay out of harm’s way. For example, praying for spiritual protection before putting your hand over a flame does not mean you won’t get burned.

Today’s message is advising you to become aware of the protections available to you. Ask for help so your Spirit Team can intervene on your behalf. Continue to cleanse your energy and the energy of your home. Wear items for added protection; whatever is aligned with your Faith. For example, my mother loves her Saint amulets, and crosses. I enjoy having crystals with me; work with what speaks to you.

Today’s message is also reminding you that you are always surrounded by love and protection, and it will manifest in different forms. It could be a nudge to avoid going to a certain place, or a ‘feeling’ about a person; possibly a dream or prophecy. The more you can understand the language of the spirit world, the easier you can understand their messages.

As a global community we have been taught, for the most part, that masculine energy offers us protection. Our Mothers nurture and our Fathers provide; they protect. But there is a great imbalance in the Divine Masculine, which has become a toxic Patriarchy. This is an interesting moment in our collective experience as we see a breakdown in toxic masculinity and outdated patriarchal structures. And it so happens that we are nearing “Father’s Day” here in the United States; my own father’s birthday is around the same time.

What is your relationship like with your father? What are your hidden/subconscious beliefs about men and males? This is important to look into and address because these themes will be coming to the surface in the following weeks. I see this happening around the same time, which by the way is also around Mercury Retrograde. These shifts are important to be aware of, and they are all connected.

It’s time for a healing of the masculine energy. We all have masculine and feminine natures within us, though they may express themselves as one more than the other. We need to all heal the masculine within us all, and it will begin with our first relationships with men. Was it with your father, or lack of a father figure? This is a critical juncture in your journey so please do not overlook this work; this calling. Begin working on a healing with that first image of ‘father’ so that we can all, collectively, heal the Divine Masculine within each one of us. I highly recommend starting with this powerful article by Dr. Nicole LePera, who is a renowned Holistic Psychologist.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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