Daily Tarot Reading 6/7/2020

From “The Goddess Tarot” app by Kris Waldherr

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Deep rest is called for today. It’s not just your body that’s tired; you are mentally and emotionally drained. And with good reason too; with so many things happening outside of ourselves and us pushing to move forward. You (and we all) are burnt out!

Whatever plans you had for today, put them off for another day. Sleep in. Silence your phone. Turn off the TV. Avoid social media. It’s time to tune out in order to tune in. Take a break from your routine and structure; doing this will help you receive the healing energy you need. At least for today, lay down your swords and live to fight another day. Surrender.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and/or anxious, know that you are stronger and more resilient than you think. Tap in to your inner power and wisdom. Tap into your Divine confidence and courage. You can (and will) overcome the challenges that cross your path, but today you need to restore your energy.

Rest will also allow you to gain mental clarity and insight, into circumstances that may seem out of your control. You’ll be able to understand the deeper meaning of things, as soon as you accept things as they are here and now. Tap in to your Divine Inheritance and that wisdom within, in order to plan an effective strategy for the next battle. You will be victorious!

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