Daily Tarot Reading – 6/8/2020

“Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards” app by Marg Thomson

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! You are the Treasure.

You are the realized Dream of the Universe. Did you know this? So many of us don’t. We don’t honor ourselves enough and in turn others don’t honor or respect us either. You receive what you exude. It’s time to reclaim yourself; to reclaim your self-worth. To know that you are everything!

You are a gift to everyone in your life. You are enough just as you are. Today consider being your most authentic self. Shine your inner light brightly today.

I know how challenging it can be to be fully yourself, when you feel you have to hide parts of yourself from your loved ones, out of fear of being chastised or excluded. But compromising your inner authority is doing more harm than good. Find ways to be more you, even around those who may not fully “get it”.

Being your most authentic self means you are in alignment with your highest self; the truest and purest version of you. This is who you’ll want to be from now on; to walk your path in your true form. The energies are aligning in your favor, and all that is no longer working in your life will be released. Let it go for you are at a new stage. You are walking in your purpose.

The number 4 is one of foundations, which is the year we are living through; establishing newer, stronger foundations for ourselves and for our global community. Would you rather live life as an illusion of yourself or as the real you? Do you want to be loved as you are or as you think you should be?

Be present with yourself and love yourself today, as much as you can. Through every challenge or problem. Through every mistake. Through every criticism. You are loved and honored just as you are. You are The Universe. Be The Universe today!

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