Daily Tarot Reading – 6/10/2020

From “The Wisdom of the Avalon” Oracle Cards deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Opportunities are all around us, as are resources and support. We can do anything we set out to do. We have the power, skills, and knowledge, and are guided in our endeavors.

Take charge today; be a leader. If there’s something you want to do, go for it. Don’t wait for circumstances to be “perfect” for you to take that step. Challenges will always be around, because that is our perception of our circumstances. The more you work on your awareness, the easier it will be to recognize that those mountains were actually just clouds of smoke. Do not allow yourself to be thrown off course by distractions and self-criticism.

Do not allow yourself to be thrown off course by perceived obstacles; stay the course! You are like a cat with nine lives; you are resilient and will always bounce back. If you find yourself on a detour, course correct and find your way back to the path.

Magic is definitely afoot! Follow what excites you; follow those goals and dreams that you feel passionately about. The actions you take fueled by your inner fire will prove successful. Just do it! Go for the Gold today!

And just like the leader you are, know when to ask for help and when to receive help. Be proud of yourself but remain humble, and the Divine will continue to reward you on this journey. Follow this golden road and Life will show you just how sweet it can be.

Have a blessed day all!

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