Daily Tarot Reading – 6/11/2020

From “The Good Tarot” app by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! It’s time to have some fun!

Now that cities are opening up more, coordinate with your bff’s for some much needed bonding. Work with what you can, so if you’re not feeling the idea of having people over, plan a meetup at the park.

Relying on the community is called for, especially if you’ve been too isolated, or “in your own head” for a long time. Plan a fun, group trip, to take at some point this summer. Rent a house by a lake and get out of the quaran-routine. This is a time to reconnect with loved ones, and I mean those people you truly love; the ones who support and love you unconditionally. These are people you consider part of your tribe.

We can all use a break from the heaviness.  Bonding with loved ones allows your heart to open more, and put you more in touch with your emotions. Our feelings are messages and indicators, and it is easy to get out of touch with our emotions if we are plotting/thinking/strategizing most of the time. Everyone’s trying to figure out the next move, but a break is what is needed. Not just any break; not just sleeping in more, but instead doing something that is refreshing; that fulfills you. I know I am planning a fun girls getaway soon, because I need some beach time! Being on the beach recharges me and being with my friends inspires me.

For today’s reading I also got a strong water connection. Water is life, so drink more of it especially in these hotter months. Stay hydrated in your body, and nourish your mind and vibes with empowering things, such as a good book. Connect with water energy as well by getting close to a large body of water, such as the sea, to help wash away what no longer serves you. If you can’t yet get to a beach or any other body of water, take a long bath or shower and imagine the water washing away everything that’s weighing you down.

For many of you, you are entering a time of connection with romantic partners, whether current or new. If you’re in a current relationship, both of you need to create a balance of give and take; push and pull. Create space for harmony between you. For my single readers, I see new relationships; fresh romances. Stay open so the waves of love can sweep you off your feet. Have a blessed day all!

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