Daily Tarot Reading – 6/12/2020

Nature Spirit Walks Tarot http://www.naturespiritwalks.com

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Yesterday’s message was about being in the flow of energy, but today is all about standing your ground.

Continue to be flexible, like a tree, and bend according to the will of the Divine. But keep your roots firmly grounded in place; be grounded in your most authentic self. No matter what the outer conditions may be, stay true to yourself.

Draw your strength from the Divine. Feel the Earth beneath your feet. Feel yourself at home, in yourself and in this experience. This is what will continue to help you feel safe and secure. Know that you will never be uprooted, and you will never lose yourself.

Be like a Tree today and adapt to the seasons. Know that every moment is a cycle and will pass into the next. Be present with every one of your cycles. Be like a Tree and Flourish. Thrive. Bear fruit.

Be like a Tree and be patient and observant. Listen and pay attention. Be like a Tree and soak up the Sun and nature’s nutrients. We can learn so much from trees, so borrow their endurance today; they are still here despite whatever is going on in the world. Borrow their courage to be authentically you, and speak up about your needs. And just like a Tree, surrender to being taken care of by the Love of the Universe.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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