Daily Tarot Reading – 6/14/2020

From “The Akashic Tarot” by Sharon Anne Klinger and Sandra Anne Taylor

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! There’s an uncertain energy in the air; lots of things may be happening in the invisible but here in this plane of existence it seems like nothing is changing. Be sure to know that there is movement happening, even if at a slower pace than you would like.

You may feel a strong desire to receive certainty today; to finally know what’s next or what to do. But will quickly find yourself frustrated when you don’t receive the answer you want, because this is not the time for guarantees. This is the time for Trust.

Know that you will always receive what you need and that you are always surrounded by loving forces. You are safe and protected, and are always being guided if you are willing to listen. Don’t quit right before the miracle! If you’re having a hard time connecting to your Spirit Team today, turn your focus towards mundane tasks. Depending on your level of energy, either keep things light and do things slowly, or if you have a lot of energy to burn put it towards physical activity such as a workout or deep cleaning. Redirect your energy on the smaller things versus the bigger picture.

There is a new beginning right over the horizon, but you have to wait a little longer while things are getting set up for you. For now, can you find joy and serenity in this moment, in this present?

It may be getting harder and harder to connect from indoors, so try heading outside today to clear your head and clear your energy. Nature can help you get grounded and balanced, so you can hear your Spiritual family much clearer. At least for today let go of your agendas while the planetary energy aligns to something which can give you a much needed boost. It is coming; have faith!

Have a blessed day all!

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