Daily Tarot Reading – 6/16/2020

From “The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards” app by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! The message of self-love and self-worth continues…this should in fact be the message every day. The easiest thing you can do is to stay where you are. To never question, to never read between the lines or get in too deep. To never discover your most authentic self. The easiest thing to do is not try, but this is also the most costly thing you can do.

If you’re bored it’s because your body, heart, mind, and soul are yearning for a change. Boredom and stagnation are signaling you to move. The water in your cup is still, and what happens to still water? It turns into a swamp. It becomes murky and filled with things other than itself. There are layers and layers of masks between you and your authentic self, and if you want to discover the real you, you have to begin peeling back those old layers. You have to begin discarding what is no longer adding value to your life, or experience. You have to move towards change.

I get it, change can feel so scary. But what is actually scary about change? What is “scary” besides you not being able to control every single detail? What is “scary” besides the unknown? Is it really so hard for you to trust in a Higher Power? Is it so hard for you to trust that you will be safe?

Or are you self-sabotaging your healing? Do you want to stay small and bored, so you have something to complain about? So you can play the victim? It’s time to assess your own value. It’s time to consider playing a new game; one that actually brings you true joy. A game that is actually fun and worth playing. It’s time for you to embody your self-worth in all that you do. You can do this! In fact, this is what will truly set you free.

Have a beautiful and blessed day all!

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