Daily Tarot Reading – 6/21/2020

From the “Everyday Witch” Tarot app, by Deborah Blake (art by Elisabeth Alba)

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Happy Summer Solstice! We have entered into a new cycle; a new beginning. Between yesterday and today we also welcomed a Solar Eclipse, New Moon, and here in the United States Father’s Day. It’s a time for celebration!

Connection is important today, whether it’s with family, friends, or lovers. Most importantly, the connection you have with yourself (your Divine self) is also as important, if not more so. Today’s message is about working in partnership to achieve your goals. For some this means a partnership with another who feels trustworthy to you. For others this is a deepening of your Spiritual ties. Everything is possible when you align yourself with Spirit.

Expect the unexpected and always stay open to life’s surprises. For my single readers, be open to a romantic connection with an unlikely partner. Many of you have a checklist of your perfect mate, but fulfillment takes on many forms. Be open to something different than what you have in mind.

The cups suit is about emotions and intuition. We have entered into the sign of Cancer which is a water sign, and the ‘2’ of this card tells me that your emotions will be tempered by a good, stable partnership. So if you feel overwhelmed or drowning in emotions, reach out to someone trustworthy for help.

Expecting the unexpected could also mean re-connecting with someone from your past; maybe an ex who things did not work out with. Maybe they’ve changed…you will never know unless you are willing to try and remain flexible. But don’t compromise on your moral compass and authentic values to fit into someone else’s life. There’s a sprinkle of nostalgia in the air, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself drifting down memory lane, remembering the “good ol’ days”. Allow yourself to savor those fond memories but don’t stay in the past too long. Focus on creating cherished memories in the here and now.

Go outside and have some fun today; let the golden Sun bless you on this gorgeous and long day.

Have a beautiful day all!

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