Daily Tarot Reading – 6/25/2020

From the “Tarot Mucha” card app

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Winds of Blessed changes are upon us! These changes will be fast and in alignment with the manifestation of a desire. Keep in mind that what you receive (the form) may look differently than what you expect, but do not let expectations rob you from these gifts.

I mentioned since the start of this week that rapid manifestation is the energy we have welcomed since the start of Summer Solstice, so watch your thoughts and try your best to focus on gratitude. Be grateful for the gifts and blessings here and now, and the ones coming your way.

These blessed changes are new beginnings. Today’s card tells us the we have come full circle. We have successfully completed a pattern; we have more awareness now. We are in Divine alignment. This is a time of victory and celebration! So if you’ve been feeling low or overwhelmed, zoom out of your troubles and focus on what you have; focus on the abundance currently in your life. Do you have a place to call home? Then you are blessed. Do you have someone in your life that asks how you’re doing? Or someone you can talk to? Then you are blessed. Create an actual list of everything you have to be grateful for, and trust me there is so much!

The message for today is also about continuing to be authentically you. Uncompromising on your moral compass. Continue to stand your ground and be clear about who you are and what you believe in. This doesn’t mean get on a soapbox and preach, rather it means if someone tries to question who you are, tell them. Let them know.

Your intuition is on point, so trust your abilities to make great decisions. Follow those nudges, even if logically the decision doesn’t seem to make much sense. The best gifts you can use at this time are your emotions and intuition; let them be your guide today. Follow where they lead.

Have a blessed day all, and don’t forget to share this reading with your friends!

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