Daily Tarot Reading – 6/27/2020

“Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards” app by Marg Thomson

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! With the swift winds of change blowing our way, it can feel like a cool breeze or a hurricane, depending on your perspective. If you find yourself feeling restless, overwhelmed, or out of sorts, consider connecting with Mother Earth today.

Today’s card is about Mother Turtle holding the world on her back, and making it her home. Remember that your home is built on Earthly foundation; ground yourself and connect often. Today’s a wonderful moment to zoom out of your life and look at the bigger picture. Shake off that anxious energy with a nice, long walk in the park if you can. There is inspiration and life everywhere in nature.

Allow nature to be your guide today. Notice how it grows, despite whatever obstacles may be on its path. Notice how resilient it is, and also how beautiful it is. Listen to the songs the birds sing, reminding us that there is purpose in every moment. Take a deep breath and release your burdens to something bigger than you.

Growth happens in the ground; in the darkness and mud. The energy of growth needs an incubation period before it is released. Think of today as conserving your energy. This is not the time to move forward, but instead to sit still. To feel the weight of your body; to feel gravity all around you. If possible, place your feet on the ground outside today. Or visualize them firmly planted in nature. Allow the Earth, our home, to draw the heaviness from within you and turn that into magic; into gold.

I recommend spending time alone in nature if you can. Or if you feel you need to connect with others, make sure they are ones who are nourishing to your soul, not draining.

Allow yourself to be nourished. Ask Mother Earth for healing today; she always responds. All is well and all will be well.

Have a beautiful and blessed day all!

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