Daily Tarot Reading – 7/4/2020

From the “Everyday Witch” Tarot app, by Deborah Blake (art by Elisabeth Alba)

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Here in the US it is a national holiday; independence day. As we continue to break free from outdated societal norms, and outdated foundations continue to collapse, we are also breaking free from what no longer serves us.

One thing that doesn’t serve us is playing the “blame game” with other people; when you blame others for your perceived misfortunes. If you continue to play the victim life will keep showing you opportunities to be victimized. Consider today if you want to keep playing this game or set yourself free. Are you a victim or a victor?

The energy is a little heavy and erratic today so try to avoid drama…drama from others and also the drama you create in your own head. There is no “you against the world” scenario, even if you’ve been used to playing that game for so long. It’s not fun anymore; it never was.

In order to win at this game of life you have to know when your best course of action is to surrender. Sometimes you’ll want to fight for what you stand for and other times you’ll want to let go of the need to keep going, for your own well-being. Find the difference between knowing when to defend yourself and set healthy boundaries, and when you are looking for a fight because you want to win. Sometimes we just want to start something out of frustration or even boredom. Question whether you’re on the defensive or offensive side of a discussion.

There may be people or circumstances from your past that will be revisiting you; this may be a trigger for strong emotions, so remember to breathe and also keep in mind that you have the power to engage or not. You don’t have to entertain people or circumstances that you’re done with. But keep in mind, sometimes these “ghosts” from the past revisit because there’s an important message they need to share with us; something we may have overlooked. All of your encounters are sacred moments of growth and healing for you.

Lastly, this is also the time to prepare yourself for upcoming storms or ‘disruptions’ as I’ve mentioned in past readings. We are entering a time of multi-planetary shifts and gateways, so it’s important to be aware of your power in all things. In many cases we are powerless to stop something from occurring, for no fault of our own; it just is what it is because it is meant to be. These “hard” lessons are humbling but also filled with so many opportunities for wisdom. Point being, think back on challenging moments in your life; how did you overcome them? Trust and believe all storms serve a greater purpose and they all pass. They all eventually give way to sunshine and rainbows. Every cycle in our lives is necessary, and as long as you continue to rely on your Spiritual family for guidance and support, you will never lose.

Have a blessed day all! You are loved.

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