Daily Tarot Reading – 7/9/2020

From “The Good Tarot” app by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! All that glitters isn’t gold; think of the things and circumstances you hold onto so tightly, and fear letting go of. You give so many things value when they are no longer providing for you, or nourishing you. What you are holding onto is a mirage.

You know what needs to be done but yet you hold yourself back from taking the much needed action steps. Why? Most likely out of fear, and also because you are afraid to let go of what you have been, in essence, worshiping for all this time. That toxic relationship, that job you hate, that place you don’t want to live at anymore. You’ve allowed these tools and resources to take over your live; you have given your power over to them. Today’s message reminds us all that Money and worldly goods are lovely to have and necessary for survival, but these are only tools, not gods.

Consider today if you can place yourself on a pedestal, versus placing things and attachments. Consider if the treasures you seek aren’t already within you. Today is a wonderful opportunity to consider how far you have come, and how much farther you want to take your life. Consider what is of actual value in your life. What actually nourishes you? What is irreplaceable? I bet you listed mostly intangible things, such as Love. Such as health, and a sense of safety. These are more valuable than gold. You can replace a home, a job, a relationship much easier than you can replace Love, Health, and Security. It’s time to move beyond the superficial.

And that’s exactly what this year and moment is doing to us. We are unable to distract ourselves and continue with our superficial reality. Now is the time to dig deep. Now is the time to tap into the Abundance already here for you. This is not the time to feel guilty or ashamed of what you haven’t done. This is the time to gather your courage and faith to make the moves you are being called to make. You can do this!

Have a blessed day everyone!

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