Daily Tarot Reading – 7/10/2020

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today’s card reminds us of the cycles in our lives; as one door closes another one opens. There are no endings or beginnings because Life is continuously opening and closing for us.

We are at the conclusion of one chapter but it’s up to us to decide how this ending will occur. We can choose to hold on to what once was; to hold on tightly to the past. But it has nothing more to teach us. There is no more growth in the past, only awareness. Don’t be afraid to grow. Don’t be afraid to be the fullness of yourself. Stand tall and proud in yourself, just like the Tree of Life.

Take some time today to wrap up unfinished business; you may have overlooked an unpaid bill or forgotten to pay a debt to a friend. Some of you have a pending task of writing a will or working on your life insurance. Stop and assess any task that may have been forgotten. This is also a wonderful time to declutter your spaces; work and home spaces. Let go of anything that takes up space but does not add value. You want to free up space for Abundance to flow. Your space is a reflection of your mental state; the more clutter the more conflict and turmoil. And this is not to say you have to deep clean every day. This cleaning is more about freeing up time and energy to do those tasks that you have been putting off, but have been bugging you.

There’s another message for a select few who are reading this and going through a life transition. As our bodies transition through time and age, we experience Life differently. Maybe you’re being called to slow down more, maybe retire, but you’ve been terrified to do so. This transition is happening whether you want it to or not. You can make it a smooth one by accepting where you are here and now. This is not an ending of life, rather a conclusion of one chapter. Make the next chapter of your life worthwhile and meaningful. Find ways to appreciate yourself at this stage and love yourself exactly as you are, no matter what age. This is timeless wisdom which applies to us all.

Have a blessed and beautiful day all! Don’t forget to share this reading with your networks!

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