Daily Tarot Reading – 7/11/2020

From the “Wisdom of the Oracle Cards” app by Colette Baron-Reid

Good morning Blessed Manifestation family! Today is all about your place in other people’s lives; your relationships with everyone around you. Friends, family, romantic partners, co-workers…how do these people perceive you? What value do they bring to the table, and what value do you offer?

Working with others is key for success in your endeavors, whether with allies here in the physical realm, or in the Spiritual. Be aware of when you need to follow and when it’s time to lead, to allow for harmony in all your communities.

Taking it a step even further, what do you contribute to your human family? To your earthly family? How have you participated to further human progress, or to hinder it? I know I am placing many questions to consider, but this is a valuable moment to figure out your place in life. Start by figuring out where you are now, and that will give you a better sense of where you want to go (or at least where you don’t want to end up).

If you’ve been feeling restless or out of place, focus on something other than yourself. Give back to others, especially those in your inner circles, to take a break from the daily grind of your own life story. As well, in thinking about your place with respect to others, maybe it’s also time to find a new community to belong to. It’s OK to no longer connect with people you once considered to be a part of the inner circle. We all change so it’s natural for our bonds to change as well.

Today is not one for isolation, so go visit or phone someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while but has been on your mind. As well, if you’re stuck trying to solve a problem, try working it out with a trusted friend who can give you some sage advice.

No matter what role you play with your inner and outer communities, always remember to be 100%, authentically you. Cultivate authentic relationships by showing up as yourself, all the time.

Have a beautiful and blessed day all! Don’t forget to share this reading with your communities today.

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